Closings afoot at the Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences

Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences, the very first marina and residential development to be made in Miami-Dade County in a generation, has started closing on residences in their north tower.
The Plaza Group president Neil Fairman said that for those buyers who figured living the luxurious yachting as well as boating lifestyle, their vision has become reality. They happy with how the fit, finishes and designs have come together and they are very excited to offer a grand waterfront product and living experience to their buyers.
Sales director Michael Internoscia said that ending up construction on their north tower and starting closings has energized their sales center and offered a magnificent sales lift for south tower.  Prospective buyers see that they are bearing on what they foretold and that they are really developing something unique in Miami market. At Marina Palms at this point of time, they are catching energy and buzz that they think is exclusive to their property that is showcased by the everyday excitement they see in their present and prospective buyers.

Situated on the water at 172nd Street as well as Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Beach, the development has 2, twenty-five story towers with a fluxed 468 residences. The north tower is already sold out; the south tower, which is 80% sold, is well under development. It is expected that it would be finished in the late 2016.
Buyers who have purchased in the north tower are coming into town from all over the world and are eagerly working with interior designers and decorators to finish and furnish their residences for the upcoming season.