Sunny Opener For The Hague Offshore Sailing Worlds

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Under shining and sunny skies and also gentle 10 knots of wind, many of the entries in the 86-boat fleet from all the 15 nations have made it out to the race areas today, just to test the waters of the North Sea in order to prepare for tomorrow’s opening round of races in The Hague Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018.

Conditions were said to be perfect so as to test not only the racers along with their inshore racing skills, but also the race committee team members that was led by Peter Anink on the basis of their skills to handle a highly-competitive fleet.
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Gale Forecast In Albay

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Albay province has been issued a gale warning for which sea bound small crafts were asked to refrain from sailing in the waters. There was a session held by the Albay provincial disaster council with regard to the gale warning. The council issued instructions to local fishermen who usually fish along the eastern seaboard of the province. They have been instructed not to go fishing or sailing in the wake of the gale warning that has come with.


The office of public safety and emergency management of Albay had its authorities issued directives to disaster agencies to ensure that the sailing ban has been enforced strictly. This is particularly important for small boats and fishing vessels. The big waves have a tendency to sweep off the boats into the open seas. The no sailing policy would be effective on coastal towns like Manito, Rapu-rapu, Malinao, Malilipot, Tiwi and cities like Legazpi and Tabaco. The warning was also given to large sea vessels that usually ply on routes like Tabaco to Catanduanes. There was a warning issued as the strong winds would be causing big waves. A gale warning was also issued for Catanduanes which is on the eastern coast of the province as well as for Sorsogon, Camarines regions and other areas. It is expected that there would be wind blowing at 52 to 63 kilometers per hour as a result of which the waves would be 3.5 to 4.5 meters in height.

For those who were looking forward to start off the week and have an early start will need to sit back and listen to the weather forecasts and news to know when the skies clear. This is imperative for the fishermen and to prepare for their fishing trips accordingly. Forecasts need to be accurate and ahead of time for smooth sailing.

Sailing Competition In India

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India recently saw a competitive sailing event being flagged off in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Here the governor of the state, ESL Narasimhan inaugurated the event called Multi Class Sailing Championship. The event is being organized by two organizations jointly, the Secunderabad Sailing Club and EME Sailing Association or EMESA. The sailing event is also being organized by the Laser Class Association of India, which in turn is supported by the state sport authority.

The governor spoke on the occasion as the races were inaugurated. He stated that the government of Telangana has been given several incentives to promote the sailing sport in the state. The vast Hussain Sagar Lake between the twin cities offers a nursery for nurturing the skills of future sailors in the country. Continue reading

Ed Baird Inducted In Hall Of Fame

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If you ask Ed Baird what has been the secret to the success he has achieved in his lifelong sailing career, he has several useful insights to provide.

He was recently honored in the US National Sailing Hall of Fame. He was the 2016 batch of inductees. Here he talks about the virtues that are necessary for a successful career in sailing.

Ed states that the fundamental steps are to look at a sailing team akin to any business or sports team. The foundation has to be laid with good people who want to be better and are talented. They also need to have teamwork and willingness to help each other. When this foundation is laid, then people have to work hard and know the techniques that will help them to improve. It is not only a matter of improving skills of people, but also knowing ways to make an equipment better as well. There are always ways to improve crucial parts of a boat like the mast, shrouds, winches and spreaders. There is better equipment available in the market, but it is necessary to make an investment in a wise way. Continue reading

Medalists In Australia Day Honor List

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Tom Burton the gold medalist of Rio 2016 Sailing has been rewarded with OAM, which means the Medal of the Order of Australia during Australia Day Honors. Burton sailed the biggest race of his life to achieve a great victory on the final day. He had already won gold in Rio in Laser Class.

Since the Olympic achievement that inspired many Olympians, the champion has shown his complete dedication to visit schools, community groups and sailing clubs to share his success stories. Out of his many experiences, from chartering in Greece to competing in the Olympics, the most humbling one was when he spent a day with young cancer patients.

He also met their families in Camp Quality in the month of October. His experiences ever since he won Gold have been outstanding. He likes sharing his stories, especially with children. Burton feels great to see their excitement and they get inspired as well. He feels honored and takes pride in saying that he has received an OAM. Continue reading

Sailing Champ Paul Elvstrom Died

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The Olympic yachting, an inspiration and a pioneer sailor Denmark’s Paul Elvstrom is no more. He died peacefully at the age of 88. Elvstrom died on Wednesday.

Elvstrom has natural death and he was not suffering from any type of health issues. Elvstrom was a great sailor and he took retirement from Olympic after sailing at Seoul. At Seoul Olympic, Elvstrom was 60 years old. His records were matched by only sailing champs Briston Ben Ainslie.

Ainslie was sad to hear the death news of Elvstrom and shared his condolence on twitter. On twitter he wrote “Sad to hear the news that legendary sailor Paul Elvstrom has left us and he is no more. Elvstrom was a great sailor and he is inspiring to many. He is an inspiration to all sailors who step into the boat for the first time. The sailing capabilities of Elvstrom will never be forgotten and it will remain in the heart of people associated with sailing.” Continue reading

Sailing For The Visually Impaired

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There are several complexities that are involved in sailing such as understanding wind speed and direction, maintaining course, as well as clearing of obstacles that might come in the way. Hence, with such challenges it definitely becomes an impossible task if the sailing needs to be done without proper eyesight.

However, there are ways around the problem. Many of us are dependent on our sight so much that we cannot imagine sailing without it. However, for those who are visually impaired, they will surely disagree as they can offer their views on how they sail. That is primarily done by feeling the wind, the direction and intensity of the same.

Indeed, SailBlind is one such program that offers joys of sailing on the water and even experiencing racing at high speed even worth vision problems. One such team WBZ went on light wind sailing this Friday at Charlestown, having spent a week away last summer on Croatian yacht charters. The venue of the sailing event was the Courageous Sailing Center. Matt Chao is one of the sailors who have never seen the boat as he has been blind from birth. However, he has managed to become a champion in sailing. Continue reading

Young American Sailing Team Win

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Taking a different look at the world of sailing races apart from the upcoming Rio races, there is news about the youth team that took part in the Bermuda races. The Young American sailing team of the junior big boat category included seven members who contested on June 21st in 2016. These members were among the first to reach the finishing line at the Newport Bermuda sailing race that was the 50th version held this year.

The boat that they sailed was High Noon which was a Tripp 41 that was given out on loan by the US Merchant Marine Academy which is a sailing foundation. The sailors, in the age group of 15 to 18 won in their class category in the lighthouse division of St David’s. Continue reading

Seattle Pacific Challenge is on its way

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Regarded by many as one of the hardest features of the circumnavigation, the fleet left Qingdao for The Seattle Pacific Challenge from China to Seattle, United States, on Sunday. This is a month-long 5400 nautical mile challenge – the lengthiest race of the series.

This is really a challenging race in the mighty Pacific and there are times when the closest humans to the participating teams are those who stay on the International Space Station. Pacific, known for being the deepest ocean, is also known for huge rolling waves, cold temperatures and storms, suggesting that the racing crew may have to seal with ice and show. Continue reading

Closings afoot at the Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences

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Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences, the very first marina and residential development to be made in Miami-Dade County in a generation, has started closing on residences in their north tower.
The Plaza Group president Neil Fairman said that for those buyers who figured living the luxurious yachting as well as boating lifestyle, their vision has become reality. They happy with how the fit, finishes and designs have come together and they are very excited to offer a grand waterfront product and living experience to their buyers.
Sales director Michael Internoscia said that ending up construction on their north tower and starting closings has energized their sales center and offered a magnificent sales lift for south tower.  Prospective buyers see that they are bearing on what they foretold and that they are really developing something unique in Miami market. At Marina Palms at this point of time, they are catching energy and buzz that they think is exclusive to their property that is showcased by the everyday excitement they see in their present and prospective buyers.

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