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Cara Inclusion Award Goes To The Irish Sailing Team

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The second annual Waters ports Inclusion Games,organized by the Irish Sailing won the award that is Project of the Year. The program National Inclusion Awards was hosted by CARA the last night in association with the Sports Ireland.

The award’s aim is to recognize the most excellent work of the organization as well as individual who boost the participation chances for the people who are suffering from any kind of disabilities and not able to perform the Physical Activity or play the sport. Johanne Murphy is the Game Officer of Irish Sailing Waters ports Inclusion, he said: “The achievement is great and the credit goes to the wonderful committee and volunteer team for organizing this type of event and also to the participants”.

The governing bodies of three waters ports Canoeing Ireland, Irish Sailing and Rowing Ireland and the associated institutions came close to take on the Games. These games have not become the annual event and it attracting people with different types of abilities based on physical,intellectual, learning difficulty spectrums and sensory. This is a two-day-longevent and it shows both the people who have participated and their families and also the people who are engaged in organizing events of water sport that this is the opportunity for everyone to go out in the water and enjoy the sport. 2019,Water sports Inclusion Games (WIG) are scheduled to take place in Cork. You can get the complete details of this event on the website of Irish Sailing. The YouTube channel for Water sports Inclusion Games is also there and also contains the detail of this game.

Irish Sailing received the Irish Water Safety Award (IWSA) recently for its Social and Community Responsibility in recognition of the support and it has been given to the Irish Water Safety Community Work (IWSCW).