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Fourth-Time Winners of Congressional Cup

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Congressional Cup came to a conclusion in the first weekend of April 2019 in Long Beach, California. It saw GAC Pinder team and Ian Williams of GBR capture the win for the fourth time. They won the final trophy over Scott Dickson of USA. The final races were concluded on 7th April which was the fifth day of the five-day series event.

Ian Williams stated that the start for the Cup was a slow one when they began on April 3rd, Wednesday. Day one did not see them in their elements and they finished in sixth place. This was also because they were sailing a monohull after a lapse of over a year. However, they were able to get through and as they completed every round the team gathered momentum. That is how the race regattas work and it helps the teams to build their finish.

The California beach conditions were congenial and GAC Pindar team started to climb up on leaderboard scores steadily. They secured the spot in semi-finals by the third day. The team members were new and had not sailed together before so it took some time for the team to gel. They showed a winning streak in the final eleven matches and that helped them to eliminate Canfield team in the semi-finals. They were also able to strike out Dickson in finals. Williams gave due credit to his team. He stated that the guys remained focused and worked on their strengths. He was also glad for Scotty who made it to the finals as well. The club’s own member, Scott Dickson definitely had the club fans going for their team. However, Williams felt that the daunting cheering of the crowd against them was expected since Dickson’s team was the local favorite. It was on them to silence the crowd and showcase their skills.