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Boys Sports Company Sailors Emerge as Winners

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The sailors of the Boys Sports Company from the Madras Engineer Group won four gold medals in the YAI Youth Sailing Championship that concluded recently. The competition was held from 1st to 7th December. The sailors from the same group also won one silver and bronze medals. Cadet Sikhansu Singh, Cadet AK Pandey, Cadet Gagan, Cadet Vijay Kumar, and Cadet Mandeep participated in the National YAI Youth Championship for sailing. They were declared winners and they won gold medals. They won medals in all the four categories. Laser 4.7, RS One, Optimist, and 29 ER are the categories in which they were handed over the gold medals.



The introduction of the sailing discipline happened in the year 2015 in the Boys Sports Company at the Madras Engineer Group. The main aim behind this was to help young boys in grooming themselves to become international sailors. Subedar T Siva gave training to the group of young sailors as their coach. Under his leadership, the boys started practicing almost every day in the KRS Dam before the competition. The dam was selected by the coach for the practice because it provided an ideal location for inland sailing to the boys. He knew that they would be able to practice in a way that could lead them through the competition. The group got the opportunity to participate in several national as well as international championships.

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Fourth-Time Winners of Congressional Cup

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Congressional Cup came to a conclusion in the first weekend of April 2019 in Long Beach, California. It saw GAC Pinder team and Ian Williams of GBR capture the win for the fourth time. They won the final trophy over Scott Dickson of USA. The final races were concluded on 7th April which was the fifth day of the five-day series event.

Ian Williams stated that the start for the Cup was a slow one when they began on April 3rd, Wednesday. Day one did not see them in their elements and they finished in sixth place. This was also because they were sailing a monohull after a lapse of over a year. However, they were able to get through and as they completed every round the team gathered momentum. That is how the race regattas work and it helps the teams to build their finish.

The California beach conditions were congenial and GAC Pindar team started to climb up on leaderboard scores steadily. They secured the spot in semi-finals by the third day. The team members were new and had not sailed together before so it took some time for the team to gel. They showed a winning streak in the final eleven matches and that helped them to eliminate Canfield team in the semi-finals. They were also able to strike out Dickson in finals. Williams gave due credit to his team. He stated that the guys remained focused and worked on their strengths. He was also glad for Scotty who made it to the finals as well. The club’s own member, Scott Dickson definitely had the club fans going for their team. However, Williams felt that the daunting cheering of the crowd against them was expected since Dickson’s team was the local favorite. It was on them to silence the crowd and showcase their skills.

Cara Inclusion Award Goes To The Irish Sailing Team

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The second annual Waters ports Inclusion Games,organized by the Irish Sailing won the award that is Project of the Year. The program National Inclusion Awards was hosted by CARA the last night in association with the Sports Ireland.

The award’s aim is to recognize the most excellent work of the organization as well as individual who boost the participation chances for the people who are suffering from any kind of disabilities and not able to perform the Physical Activity or play the sport. Johanne Murphy is the Game Officer of Irish Sailing Waters ports Inclusion, he said: “The achievement is great and the credit goes to the wonderful committee and volunteer team for organizing this type of event and also to the participants”.

The governing bodies of three waters ports Canoeing Ireland, Irish Sailing and Rowing Ireland and the associated institutions came close to take on the Games. These games have not become the annual event and it attracting people with different types of abilities based on physical,intellectual, learning difficulty spectrums and sensory. This is a two-day-longevent and it shows both the people who have participated and their families and also the people who are engaged in organizing events of water sport that this is the opportunity for everyone to go out in the water and enjoy the sport. 2019,Water sports Inclusion Games (WIG) are scheduled to take place in Cork. You can get the complete details of this event on the website of Irish Sailing. The YouTube channel for Water sports Inclusion Games is also there and also contains the detail of this game.

Irish Sailing received the Irish Water Safety Award (IWSA) recently for its Social and Community Responsibility in recognition of the support and it has been given to the Irish Water Safety Community Work (IWSCW).

Sunny Opener For The Hague Offshore Sailing Worlds

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Under shining and sunny skies and also gentle 10 knots of wind, many of the entries in the 86-boat fleet from all the 15 nations have made it out to the race areas today, just to test the waters of the North Sea in order to prepare for tomorrow’s opening round of races in The Hague Offshore Sailing Worlds 2018.

Conditions were said to be perfect so as to test not only the racers along with their inshore racing skills, but also the race committee team members that was led by Peter Anink on the basis of their skills to handle a highly-competitive fleet.
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Gale Forecast In Albay

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Albay province has been issued a gale warning for which sea bound small crafts were asked to refrain from sailing in the waters. There was a session held by the Albay provincial disaster council with regard to the gale warning. The council issued instructions to local fishermen who usually fish along the eastern seaboard of the province. They have been instructed not to go fishing or sailing in the wake of the gale warning that has come with.


The office of public safety and emergency management of Albay had its authorities issued directives to disaster agencies to ensure that the sailing ban has been enforced strictly. This is particularly important for small boats and fishing vessels. The big waves have a tendency to sweep off the boats into the open seas. The no sailing policy would be effective on coastal towns like Manito, Rapu-rapu, Malinao, Malilipot, Tiwi and cities like Legazpi and Tabaco. The warning was also given to large sea vessels that usually ply on routes like Tabaco to Catanduanes. There was a warning issued as the strong winds would be causing big waves. A gale warning was also issued for Catanduanes which is on the eastern coast of the province as well as for Sorsogon, Camarines regions and other areas. It is expected that there would be wind blowing at 52 to 63 kilometers per hour as a result of which the waves would be 3.5 to 4.5 meters in height.

For those who were looking forward to start off the week and have an early start will need to sit back and listen to the weather forecasts and news to know when the skies clear. This is imperative for the fishermen and to prepare for their fishing trips accordingly. Forecasts need to be accurate and ahead of time for smooth sailing.