Sailing Competition In India

India recently saw a competitive sailing event being flagged off in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Here the governor of the state, ESL Narasimhan inaugurated the event called Multi Class Sailing Championship. The event is being organized by two organizations jointly, the Secunderabad Sailing Club and EME Sailing Association or EMESA. The sailing event is also being organized by the Laser Class Association of India, which in turn is supported by the state sport authority.

The governor spoke on the occasion as the races were inaugurated. He stated that the government of Telangana has been given several incentives to promote the sailing sport in the state. The vast Hussain Sagar Lake between the twin cities offers a nursery for nurturing the skills of future sailors in the country.

There are many who have developed their skills here and gone on to reach pinnacles of success, both in national and international competitions. He also talked about the efforts that the Laser Class association had put in along with the sports authority body of Telangana state. He hoped that the host clubs would be able to make the event turn into a grand success.

Commodore of EME Sailing association, Lieutenant General, Mr. KK Agarwal stated in his opening address that the response had been high in the current year with record entries received that has broken the record set by the event in the previous year.  This year a total of 201 entries have been received and seventeen were in the women’s category. He also mentioned that the competition was a mark of sportsmanship that should be healthy and was sure that there would be fair competition during the sailing week. There are several trophies lined up for giving as sponsored by different clubs an association. Much is anticipated among the participants and followers of the events.