Medalists In Australia Day Honor List

Tom Burton the gold medalist of Rio 2016 Sailing has been rewarded with OAM, which means the Medal of the Order of Australia during Australia Day Honors. Burton sailed the biggest race of his life to achieve a great victory on the final day. He had already won gold in Rio in Laser Class.

Since the Olympic achievement that inspired many Olympians, the champion has shown his complete dedication to visit schools, community groups and sailing clubs to share his success stories. Out of his many experiences, from chartering in Greece to competing in the Olympics, the most humbling one was when he spent a day with young cancer patients.

He also met their families in Camp Quality in the month of October. His experiences ever since he won Gold have been outstanding. He likes sharing his stories, especially with children. Burton feels great to see their excitement and they get inspired as well. He feels honored and takes pride in saying that he has received an OAM.

In addition, the OAM was also given to Paralympics gold medalists in Sonar Class. Russell Boaden, Jonathan Harris and Colin Harrison followed their gold medal achievement in Rio. Some of the other sailors Campbell Rose were recognized as AM in the General Division of the Order of Australia. He played a significant role in administering sports, infrastructure and transportation development.

John Ferguson was honored with an OAM for offering services to the community and to sailing. Lindsay May achieved an OAM for offering social welfare, health and sailing services. Lindsay is popular as a navigator and skipper who sailed in both national and international ocean competitions.

Besides, he also contributed to several organizations which include the Salvation Army, Rotary and Prostate Cancer Foundation for many years. Ralph Stilgoe achieved an OAM for offering service to sailing and he was also involved with 16ft Skiff Sailing.