Young American Sailing Team Win

Taking a different look at the world of sailing races apart from the upcoming Rio races, there is news about the youth team that took part in the Bermuda races. The Young American sailing team of the junior big boat category included seven members who contested on June 21st in 2016. These members were among the first to reach the finishing line at the Newport Bermuda sailing race that was the 50th version held this year.

The boat that they sailed was High Noon which was a Tripp 41 that was given out on loan by the US Merchant Marine Academy which is a sailing foundation. The sailors, in the age group of 15 to 18 won in their class category in the lighthouse division of St David’s.

They also received the Youth Division trophy of Stephens Brothers. As one of the crew members remembers, many participated as the first time in a competitive race with this team. Being fresh off the learning curve, these young sailors were eager to put their newly acquired skills into action. Hence, for them being part of the Bermuda race at Newport was a dream come true – and not least because they won the prize of a week’s Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik.

Many of the contestants confess that their parents have been their sole inspiration and their passion of sailing had influenced them in their early years. Most of the contestants have seen the races from the shore, understanding how the boats crossed the line as well as measuring distance and how far the boats sailed.

The experience of getting into the open ocean and following the Gulf Stream is also a thrill for many of these newbie sailors. The competition has definitely boosted their confidence levels and they can look forward to being part of several other competitions in the future which will boost their sailing skills.