25 thoughts on “Ep. 1 Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) Intro & Sailing Turkey

  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Hello World.
    Without major setback we should be in the Caribbean by the end of Feb and
    would like to invite people to come along with us for week long adventures.
    If your interested in learning to sail, or just want to relax in the sun
    send an email to sailinglavagabonde@gmail.com and we will get back to you
    with details.
    Grathias (were in spain!)
    Elayna and Riley.

  2. will ..............

    Nice boat, but I must admit, to act so impetuously about the purchase with
    no due process says trust fund kid to me. Or incoherence. It’s fine, you’re
    “kept.” It’s a great thing. I guess I just find it amazing how people who
    have no technical knowledge about vessels, sailing, or anything really,
    have never worked a day in their lives, are able to just buy and do things
    on a whim like that. It must be an amazing feeling to hand over unearned
    money and get a Beneteau, and a top of the line one with two wheels. It’s
    pretty. I have been sailing my entire life, but on shit boats my family
    could barely afford. I have scrimped and saved, and yet still can’t afford
    a decent boat. Trying to get into a Tartan 37 myself. I guess I am jealous,
    and that is pathetic, I know.. I read and read and read about boats,
    sailing, world traveling. I mean, my whole life since I was a boy. And yet,
    I am stuck behind a computer with fluorescent lights sucking those wondrous
    dreams of starry ocean nights out of my head all day, getting yelled at by
    managers who do so because it gives them purpose, solving problems for
    ungrateful assholes. All day, every day, inside a cube. You can’t even see
    the sky where I live at night. I know, whoa is me. It’s just amazing, the
    lives some people lead. Get popped out, handed a fortune somehow, and the
    world is their oyster. Luck is a hell of a thing.

  3. Cem Şancı

    Great video. Produce more video with more detail, with more wide angle
    record and with better sound please…

  4. Jan Erik Kristiansen

    That looks nice!
    I want to build my own boat though, adding all the luxuries I want and need.
    I also want spring assisted hydrofoils and everything I need to actually
    make electricity, not only via solar cells, but also from the forces
    provided by the water, which then again can be utillized to make power,
    power I can use to make hydrogen, which then again can be used for either
    propulsion by the engine or as a heating source for making food.
    Sounds good, doesn’t it?
    I tend to get a bit carried away with these ideas, but you could use this
    for your next trip.
    And your company makes me jealous, I wish I could have a pretty girl like
    that as well… which could happen anytime in the future.
    Have fun =)

  5. Chris Hannant

    Hey guys! This is so sick!!! I’m currently fixing up a boat right now in
    Bermuda to start sailing hopefully within the next year, also with very
    little knowledge or experience. Are there any good books or videos you can
    recommend that helped you out with the learning process? Thanks! Stoked to
    see more!

  6. Spiraling69

    Your vids are very well produced. The story here is actually pretty
    amazing and I wish the both of you the safest journey possible! What I
    find amazing is the drive you have to do all of this while being so far
    away from home and what is comfortable. Buying a “used” boat is not as
    easy as buying a used car, and to do this in a foreign country!? You
    Aussies are some of the most down to earth and outgoing people I have ever
    met. Never had a bad experience with you guys and I’ve met quite a few
    during my travels. I served in the USMC when I was younger and struck up a
    conversation with an Aussie Navy officer at Pearl Harbor. He actually took
    my buddy and I for a tour of his ship! We were just young corporals, but
    the Australians were so respectful to us. Very good memories.

  7. bokeflo

    Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing sailing adventure. Looking forward
    to following you on it.

  8. Robyn hud

    Hey you two,ive watched alot of vids on youtube ,youve captured something
    great,appreciate what you shared ….

  9. Nikolay Chekan

    Great video and excellent beginning! You were really lucky with that
    tender being caught on the rocks and not drifting away. What do you think
    of Turkish port formalities? Manageable? 

  10. Bevo

    Just found your video, Great video guys, looking forward to watching your
    progress and travels around the world. I admire your courage and spirit and
    plus you are Aussies. Looking forward to seeing you arrive home one
    day.Hope you got some fishing rods to catch some awesome fish on your
    travels. If you need any advice on what gear and lures to use give me a

  11. Dan Bierwirth

    What is the terminal velocity of a swallow? African or European? What…
    I don’t know…. Sproing…. I love Monty Python….

  12. Penny Boppie

    Love the vids you guys! Hey, I bet a lot of people dreaming about these
    adventures would love to know how you fair with the money for such
    adventures? Are you both wealthy? Ha! So happy for you and wish you
    great success with your adventures!
    s/v Bamboleo
    Presently: Mission Bay, CA USA

  13. jackstani

    You guys are living the dream! Nice to see a younger couple doing some
    world cruising for once and living in the moment, not being so caught up in
    jobs/careers. Im heading off on my first Sydney Hobart race tomorrow! Merry
    christmas to you both happy cruising I will be keeping an eye out for your

  14. TheKillerpanda123

    I dont get how you could sail a yacht without any experience whatsoever. At
    least you have to have some sailing certificate to be allowed to maneuver a
    boat on open water right? Aditionally many more certificates are needed for
    eg the radio and so on.That at least was the case when I last checked in my
    country (germany). I am sailing myself (no yachts) and want to take on
    those certificates needed.So it seems almost impossible to me to handle a
    sailing boat properly in any given situation without any support or
    Nice Boat btw and have a wonderful time!

  15. Elliot Harvey

    Hey guys. Great video. The family and I are working towards doing the same.
    We are in the Bahamas living at the moment. If you anchor here at all,
    would love to buy you guys a drink or 2 and listen to any pointers you
    have. 2 thumbs up for livin the dream!

  16. Kevin s/v Catchin' Rays

    Hey guys, been trying to catch up on your videos and your story – we too
    have just embarked on our own adventure having no sailing experience at
    all. We launched in Key West and are now in Georgetown, Bahamas and will
    soon be heading towards the BVI and then south. I hope we can meet someday
    if you guys come to the Caribbean. Keep up the good work.

  17. H.L. DeVore

    It’s so wonderful that camera technology has advanced to the degree that we
    can all share our adventures. I wish it was this good in the 1980’s and
    even 90’s when I was traversing the caribbean. Good news is I’m not done
    yet (: Not sure I will ever make a good video like this but hope so. May I
    ask what camera(s) you are using and what video editing software?

  18. Mike Hachem

    This is awesome, we are going to come see you guys some day, on our
    Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 … we are doing the same thing you guys did. We are
    buying this boat with no experience whatsoever and planning to go down the
    East Coast of the USA from Lake Champlain, Québec/NY, all the way down to
    the Caribbean

  19. Richard Pims

    Just watched your first installment, loved it.
    Im refitting Peregrina, a Morgan 382 and hope to leave Eastern Long
    Island, (USA) next November, after the hurricane season. Cant wait to see
    more of your adventures.
    Hit me up if your anywhere near NYC after you cross, Ill buy you both a

  20. john palma

    I have never sailed but i would be scared to sail across the pacific i’ve
    seen some pretty scary videos of ships in storms and i would hate to see
    anyone in that situation,I”ve also heard there’s a lot of debris in the
    ocean and would be afraid of hitting some partially sunken hull or some
    other object,so i hope you have some type of detection device to avoid such
    an accident.A weather forecasting device i think would also be an absolute
    minimum.Good luck.

  21. r a cooper

    Who is better then you guys .Young and doing something that most people
    can’t do until they retire, if there lucky. I’ am still waiting to hit that
    dam lottery. I know I’ll never make out there. So remember dreamers like
    me, and there are a lot of us out here. Good for you. Be safe and don’t
    take anything for granted.

  22. Brian M

    I loved the video! At this point, where do you expect to be July-October? I
    would love to see if my wife and I(in our late 20’s) could link up and join
    you for a week sometime.

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